Think of this blog as a bead necklace, each bead unique. 

Think of it as an art exhibition containing wildly different styles,
a daisychain with a few buttercups thrown in,
a bookshelf with jumbled genres.

Each of these containing fragments of frozen time.  Each of these containing moments.      


They are what make up the fabric of our lives, are they not?

  I collect these moments.  I like to share them too. 
  This will be a display case, as it were, for moments I find.  

   A Moment from my day today, for Beginnings.

sound of my brother's laughter,
as my sister read aloud from Winnie-the-Pooh to them.  This passage particularly was the cause of the laughter. 

(Piglet is lying in bed, wondering fearfully about Heffalumps, as he is going to see one in about an hour.)

  "What was a Heffalump like?
    Was it Fierce?
    Did it come when you whistled? And how did it
    Was it Fond of Pigs at all?
     If it was Fond of Pigs, did it make any difference
 what sort of Pig?
    Supposing it was Fierce with Pigs, would it make
any difference if the Pig had a grandfather called
    -A.A. Milne, from  In which Piglet Meets a Heffalump