I like Winter

I do. Really.
I like the long evenings, the skating, the hot chocolate. 
I like the quiet hush that falling snow brings. 

I like blankets, sleds, icicles, and chickadees.

I rarely tire of Christmas carols.
I could stare at winter constellations for longer than my cold hands let me.

I think candy canes are the best.
I love having extended family around.

I like winter.  Really, I do.  That's what I keep telling myself,  persuading myself to live out the rest of the winter enthusiastically.  But lately, I've been looking at pictures, and you know what?

I really like spring, too. 

*last photo credit goes to my sister*


A Princess named Adelgitha

  It hasn't been for the lack of moments that I've neglected posting.  On the contrary, my life has been very full. :) 
  A delightful moment I had a week or two ago led to a new acquisition for my bookshelf.   I was digging through a stack of children's books at a nondescript thriftstore, when the title of a thin paperback book caught my eye.
  Cabbage Moon turned out to be my discovery of the day. 
  It is the story of a princess and her dog, and how they rescue the moon, just in the nick of time to save it from being made into cabbage salad.   The princess's name is Adelgitha and she walks about on stilts quite a bit.    
  I have a sneaking suspicion that several people in the thriftstore at the time thought I was crazy, because I was giggling to myself over the idea of a princess on stilts. 
  Now I want to try out stilts this summer, so I'll be all set for any adventures that might come my way.