WARNING: Randomosity is Imminent

  It was a dark and dreary November day when Dee began to notice that her mind was skipping about from one subject to the disjointed next with startling rapidity.     So she decided to relieve her mind of some of the burden it was evidently under, onto her blog.  That being what blogs are for anyway, right? 

  It is one day until Thanksgiving.  Hooray!  Aaaaaand it's supposed to be nice out, also hooray.  That in itself is much to be thankful for. For when one is in a school basement with one's relatives all day, and those relatives have small children who, under the influence of candy and other small children, somehow feel compelled to run about (inevitably crashing into chairs and people alike) nerves can sometimes wear thin.  If there is nice weather,  the children can go run off energy outside, or the adults can go run off energy outside.  See? 

  I dropped my phone into my very liquid fruit slush the other day.   I don't know how it happened.   I was getting into my vehicle, starting it, opening the container of slush, and trying to put my phone away all at the same time and there must have been a glitch in the system somewhere.  
  Fruit slush tastes very metallic after being sucked out of the tiny speaker holes, I'll just say that.   It must have something to do with the bananas and phone wiring mixing, I guess...

  Wait.  Do cellphones have wiring?

I saw a completely golden tree on yesterday. Late bloomer, huh? 

  Speaking of leaves, do you know how very tempting it is to drive through those piles of leaves people rake out onto the streets?   Poof!  Leaves swirling in your wake...

  An old lady I clean for sometimes told me she once had a cat she named Lindy, after Lindbergh.
"You know Lindbergh?"  she asked.  I said "Charles Lindbergh???"   She replied, "Yes, he was real popular when I was young."   Then she grinned and her eyes twinkled and she said, "I guess I'm tellin' you how old I am.  But I'm not really that old.  I'm only thirty-nine."    *wink, wink*

Chicken Stir-fry for supper. What for dessert?   Brownies? 

I need to go.  If I am to make brownies then so be it. (Gladly so.)   

As a parting bit of randomness, I leave you with a shot of a leaf on my lap, taken in the merry month of October.