Summer is Here

   It is warm. Very warm.  I think I'm going to go bury myself in cool recesses of our local library.  Problem is, it's such a gorgeous evening, I should be out messing about on the river.    
  A lovely dilemma.   Perhaps I can pull off both.   


Train Whistles

  If you stand at a railroad crossing while a train is going past, it's like standing at the edge of the ocean and getting swallowed by a wave. 

  out of control
 overwhelming sound,
instead of
   crushing water.

And something about it always makes me want to do it again.



Where'd spring go?
     I wasn't finished with it. 
Oh well.
I'm consoling myself with the thought that fall is coming.
Spring and Fall.
  My favorite seasons.
I've always pictured getting married in the fall. I really don't know why. The traditional fall symbolism doesn't blend very well with weddings.  
But don't you think that a church aisle would look lovely, strewn with leaves instead of rose petals?

Impractical me, I know. :)


Canoe Fever

That's what I have. Badly. 
 Canoe trip tomorrow anyone? Or how about right now? Can we go now? Yes, even if it's dark. 
We could take lanterns you know. 
I guess it is kind of raining.
We could take umbrellas!
Though that might get complicated if we have to paddle which is what one usually has to do in a canoe.
Well then, I shall go to bed, and dream of canoes and laughter, which is synonomous mostly.