My Quiet Sunday Afternoon

It's raining. It's been raining all afternoon.  After taking a nap to recuperate from an early sunrise service (wonderful that, by the way)  I decided to straighten up my bookcase. Guess how I sort my books?   I love it.  Never going back to alphabetically by author or genre...this way is definitely the best!

(Please excuse the poor quality, camera-phone photo.)  

Anybody want to come read with me, drink leftover iced coffee, and listen to "The Blue Danube"?  


Today is the First Day of Spring!

The snow is melting, the sun is shining,  I can hear the turtle's voices, as it were...

Get up, Toad!  It is spring now!   

(Just watch it snow about 8 inches worth of accumulation tomorrow)

Many Happy Returns of the First Day of Spring, Folks!!!!  

I vote we all go outside and stomp in the mud puddles.

Which makes me think of: 

Chansons Innocentes: I

in Just-
spring when the world is mud-
luscious the little 
lame balloonman

whistles far and wee

and eddieandbill come
running from marbles and
piracies and it's

when the world is puddle-wonderful

the queer
old balloonman whistles
far and wee
and bettyandisbel come dancing

from hop-scotch and jump-rope and


balloonMan whistles

-E.E. Cummings     


Beware The Jellyfish In Your Dreams!

 I dream a lot. Both when I am awake and asleep.  Normally, the dreams in my sleep are filled mostly with people talking. (Conversations that I don't remember when I wake up, which is sad, because I'm sure I'd know all kinds of stuff by now.)  Occasionally, something out of the ordinary happens. 
 Thursday night was just such a night. 

 I was looking into an aquarium, and then I must've been in the ocean/sea myself, because I reached out to touch the brightly colored tiny fish (so now I know I dream in color. the fish was blue and red striped.) but my attention was caught by the clear plastic jellyfish. 
 I picked it up to examine more closely, and the horrible little thing stung me! I tried to shake it off, but it continued to cling to my hand and sting me, so I grabbed it with my other hand and either killed it or threw it away, I don't remember. 
 What I do remember is having to pull the jellyfish's stinger out of my hand. It was translucent and stiff, like nylon guitar string, with barbs in the end, and hurt like crazy. 
 I distinctly remember how tiny it felt between my left hand's thumb and forefinger.  
 I was nervous that it was a poisonous jellyfish, but then I woke up, and it was a gray dawn with no nasty jellyfish in sight. No barbed anything in my hand either.  
 All's well that ends well. I guess, since I didn't die in my sleep from a jellyfish sting.

  I just had a great burden to share that dream with the public, as I think it's relevant to us all. The lesson to be learned from such an event, that is.

 Never enter aquariums, and definitely don't ever pick up plastic jellyfish.  They MAY be poisonous.


In Which the Author Discovers...

CROCUSES!!!!!!!!!!!    (or whatever the plural of 'crocus' is. Crochi?    nevermind.)

 Soon I am hoping to see a few of these. Or many, actually.  I happen to like dandelions, although I understand they're considered pests.  But think about it folks.  Dandelions are yellow,  good to eat, good for you, the perfect free flower just the perfect height for children to pick, the stems cluster into curls if put into water, and last but not least, they're profuse.  And beautiful.  Just look at it.

To take a Maniac Magee quote out of context, "Hallelujah! Aaaa-MEN!" 


A Book Review

   Once upon a time, Dee read a book. (Well, many books but this is the one we are talking about.)  She laughed and laughed.
  Then, one day, she was delighted to find that the author was writing a sequel. She read it.  (After he was done writing it.) And laughed and laughed. Probably harder this time.  
  She told her brothers about them, because the books had swords and chases and princesses in it, and her brothers like swords and chases, and princesses, even if they don't admit it.  
  The bookworm brother read them first. He told the other brother about the plots of the two books in between giggle fits, and persuaded him to read them.  And he laughed and laughed. 
  Dee's sister read the books, and laughed too. She liked the princess, (and the would-be prince, even though she didn't admit it). 

 They agreed the books were good. 
 They also agreed that they liked the fact that the author was a homeschooler, (well, was one when he was "in school", but you know, once a homeschooler always a homeschooler.) because they themselves were/are homeschooled.  
  In fact, they talked about the books for nearly an hour and a half straight, while they were on a trip, just hashing the plots, quoting their favorite lines, and discussing the various characters. 
 Here are some conversation snatches.  WARNING: the following is filled with private jokes and references which you will not understand unless you've read the books yourself. Also, the quotes are not in any kind of chronological order, and may not be word perfect.

D: So, N--, what do think of the book? 
N: I like it.  *giggles*
D: Why's that?
N: Because, um, I don't know why. Um.... Well, one reason is that it's funny. 
D: Yeah, like where Ben falls out the window while he's desperately trying to get out of the court, and then hides in the closet but gives himself away by the puddle his clothes make.
N:  Yeah!!!!  *eyes sparkle*  Or when Ernie is blasting the goblins who are pawing at his quilt!  

*momentary blip in the conversation where they both proceed to quote the scene, (though the words may have sounded garbled and not very fierce, because they're laughing too hard) and are joined by the sister in hopping up and down. Yes. in a van.* 

D: So who's your favorite character?
N: Oh, that's hard. It's difficult to tell. Maybe Ben... but maybe Ernie.
D: So why Ernie?  (Can you tell that I start a lot of my sentences with 'so'?
N: *grinning hugely* Cause he's so oblivious!  *he launches into another quote*  "Great socks! Noble socks! Socks that a king would beg to wear!" 
D: *laughing*  If you were one of the characters which would you choose to be? 
N: Hmmm.....   Probably Ben.  
D: Why's that?
N: Cus. He's kind of, well, you know, simple-ish, but he's strong and does things even though he doesn't think he can and he still wins.
D: I like him because he's very loyal.  And takes care of Jess.
J: That's one reason I like that book so much. You can tell he loves Jess a whole lot, but it isn't mushy. Oh, *starts laughing* remember the part where Ben's absentmindedly playing with her hair and she doesn't tell him, cus he'd stop cus he'd be embarrassed?
*We laugh*
W: They should make it into a movie!!!!  An animated one, like Tangled!
N: Yeah!!!!!!  But there would have to be at least two or three movies because they can't cut anything out. 
W: No, that would be bad. 
N: And they probably would.
W: Yeah... but the books are pretty cool.

N: Better than the Narnia books.
D: You liked them that much?
N: I don't why. I think it was easier to understand. 
D: Mmmm... *doesn't quite agree, but is delighted to have referred him to a book that he likes so well*
D: If you could tell the author anything about his books, what would you say?
N: That I like his books. And he should write another one!!!!! 
W: Yeah!!!!!!
N: He could do one in the south! We didn't go there yet.
(side note: This is a sign of a good book. Once you get to the end and you aren't done exploring. You just want to go on, a little further.) 
W: He could put in some maps.
N: Oh, that'd be cool!
D: I like maps...       
N: *contemplatively, on a different subject* I like Charlez too. 
 *and here ensues an argument on how to pronounce the aforementioned name and also the word "bikalis"*  *and then discussion ends in a conglomeration of quotes, each of us throwing in the ones we remember and repeating the ones the others say*
  So, you may be asking yourself, "What cool book could she be talking about?"

They are called The Stuttering Bard of York and The Stuttering Duke of York, respectively.

 Here you go. Check 'em out. Buy them, they're worth it. I must confess that I haven't yet. YET,  I said. I will. Sometime. Buy them that is.
  However, the author offers them in pdf format for free online reading. SCORE!!!!!   It's awesome. Yay for local-ish authors!!!!!!!!  And light against dark stories!  And a princess who- but that would be giving it away, and I like torturing people with unread books.   Mwahahaha...   

The author's professional website, where you can find the books, and also other workscreative-vapors.com

I just gave you an Armchair Adventure for a relaxing evening sometime

You're welcome.    :)


The most gorgeous brown eyes

that I've ever seen belong to a four-year-old pixie that I played checkers with this evening. Guess who won?  Yup. The pixie did. I am such a softie when it comes to twinkling little kid eyes. Specially if they have a queer slant to them (thus the pixieness) PLUS pretty little pointy ears. Seriously.
  I actually didn't have to make a lot of dumb moves, due to the fact I haven't played in years and she is very good at checkers.  Oh, don't worry, I didn't go too easy on her. She had to work for it.  :)  Nonetheless, I was a little worried. Checkers is like swimming or riding a bike. You shouldn't be able to forget the twisty little tricks.  
  Oh well. I think I was distracted, keeping the baby occupied with memory cards.   

Riiiiiiiight, I hear you say.  

  Ok, ok, and playing Connect4 with the two-year old and watching the oldest two siblings play Chutes and Ladders.  There. See?  I was distracted... 

 We played outside, and I tried to teach them how to play frisbee football but it didn't work out so swell, though we had fun just running around in the fresh air and getting our shoes and various pieces of clothing all muddy.
  Raini, those 70* of yours are in here now. Only translated into the upper fifties-low sixties. Same diff.       Blue sky, sparkling stars, yellow crocus kind of  a day.

 Enough. Here is a picture and then to bed I go. 

{Soon, folks. Be of good cheer!}

*photo credits to my Dad