Black-and-white photos have a special place in my heart, as do old automobiles.  So it goes without saying that I really like this picture. Hm, guess I just said it. Oh well. I'll say it again.  I like black and white cars!!!!  Oh yeah. 
 I took the photo during a parade this past fall.  There weren't many old cars, at least, not in comparison to old tractors, which are also cool, but I haven't had the experience with tractors that I've had with cars.  There were lots of tractors. Miles.  And I don't think I'm exaggerating.  
It was a freezing, blustery day.  Also muddy. 
It's worth braving the elements though, to hang out with cousins, and watch machinery chug past.  


The Second Saturday of February, 2012

  On that Momentous Day, it snowed.  *happy dance*  Of course, we were going to go on a winter picnic anyway, but snow makes it more "wintry", you know?     We got bundled up, stashed our food & candles & etc. into backpacks, shared out the hotdog forks/marshmallow sticks/meat roasters (sorry, private joke) among ourselves, and after picking up some friends, set off bravely into the wild.  Somehow, we must have gotten into Narnia, I'm pretty nearly positive.  We have pictures to prove it. See for yourself.

Ha. What'd I tell you?!

Hanging out on Beaversbridge... (and it was slippery!)

Cheering our hearts with hot cocoa, and the thought that Aslan is on the move.

The two Beavers setting out the tasties.

We all enjoyed ourselves hugely and it was unanimously voted to turn the Second Saturday of February into a Tradition, but I'm not sure if we'll be able to find the door again.