Relaxed Monday Evening

My youngest brother is lying on the sofa across the room from me, reading a Redwall book, and giggling periodically. Which makes me smile. I like laugh-out-loud books.


It needs some milk, maybe? or sugar.......

I'm editing photos, (rainey!!!!!)  burning a candle, and listening to Tenth Avenue North. 
  I'm also drinking chamomile tea and sympathizing with poor Peter Rabbit.  I'd much rather have blackberries and cream.  The tea's ok, but only just so.   "One tablespoonful to be taken at bedtime", as it were.


10 Things Irreplaceable (About Summer)

    It's already fall.  (bliss)
    But even though I love fall, there are a few redeeming features of summer that I will miss.

So here's a list of them.

  1. Fireflies.  The first one I see usually sends me nearly crazy with happiness.
  2. Shade.  To balance out a downside of summer, the heat.
  3. Heat. Even though yes, it's a downside, it does mean you can go barefoot. (Which is definitely redeeming.)
  4. Canoeing. It's more comfy if the water's warm.
  5. Pasta salad.  Nuff said.
  6. Picnics.  I go on winter ones too, but I can get more people to go with me if it's summertime. Dunno why.
  7. MUSIC CAMP!!!!
  8. The ready abundance of flowers.
  9. Happier people.  I think it's the sun.
  10. Iced Coffee.  (It's cold.)
I'm thankful for summer, the seasons, the sway and dance of them.  (Wasn't it creative of God?)  

Yes, I like summer.
 But here's to Fall!!!!!!!!!!