A Crowded World

"We may ignore, but we can nowhere evade the presence of God. The world is crowded with Him. He walks everywhere incognito."   -C.S. Lewis


Autumn Means...

That I'm happy.
Or happily melancholy. If that's possible.

And no, fall is not actually this advanced here, yet.  These are photos from past autumnal splendor.

I have to leave you with a quote from one of my adorable little boy cousins. 
 Background: Our family had spent the day with his family at a zoo.
 Setting:  Driving up the lane to their house, we are observing many small branches and leaves lying about on the ground by the light from the headlights. 

 "Hmm, what happened here today?  It must have been windy," my aunt said.
My little cousin piped seriously in his high little voice, from his carseat,  "No, I'll bet it was fall!" 

   I couldn't help laughing out loud and I think it rather embarrassed him.  He was in earnest, afterall.

But don't you think it was cute of him?


"Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day."
-Alan Alexander Milne  (Winnie-the-Pooh)