of Books...

I finished The Pickwick Papers!!!  Finally!    It's quite a thick book.  I liked it, but I think next time I pick it up, I'll only read my favorite parts.  Most of which include Samivel and his father.  They're just too funny to skip over. 

Currently, I'm listening to The Hobbit on cassette.  The reader (I can't remember his name) (ha, isn't google handy? his name is Rob Inglis.), *ahem*  Rob Inglis does a magnificent job of giving the individual characters unique voices. Right now, the hobbit is wanting to go home after their quest is over.  Thing is, there are lots of loose ends that need to be tied up so it's taking awhile. I can't wait to get to the silverware part when he finally does get home.

Other books I've read lately have been Rose in Bloom (by Louisa May Alcott) and The Gammage Cup (by Carol Kendall) and Best Friends for Frances (by Russell Hoban). They are all such completely different books that they should probably not be written all in the same sentence.   
 Hmm. I think I've had more time to read lately than I thought.  That's a good thing to discover. :)


This is your random photo of the day. 
it was taken on a winter picnic three years ago.
it couldn't have been taken this year because we still have no snow.
(sad case.)


the storypeople

Once upon a time, long ago, I discovered in my wanderings on the 'net a website called the storypeople .  The quotes, or stories, are so much fun to read and imagine what the rest of the story was. Here's one of my favorites.

Favorite Things

My favorite thing is the wind, she said, & my second favorite is chocolate but I just do that so I don't get too skinny & blow away