All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.  -Anatole France

Dear Readers,

 I'm leaving next week for a term of bible school. After that, I will be attending a music camp in the beautiful Virginia mountains.  I will not be frequenting the internet very much during that time. You are welcome to leave comments, as I will be checking my inbox occasionally.
 Brace yourselves for volumes of words and piles of photos, upon my return.   (mid-June)

Until then I remain, as ever,
Your humble Collector,

P.S.  I provided some chairs. Feel free to make yourself at home.  Take a deep breath...and enjoy your time here!   :)


Exercising My Sisterly Bragging Rights

 My brother is awesome.  He makes sweet tea. (And robots, but that's beside the point...)  Very Good sweet tea, too.  Between the two of us we could easily down a two-quart pitcher a day. 

 *cough*  That was an understatement  *cough*

  I know. I often post about what I'm drinking at the time, but you all will just have to put up with it, 'cus my brother is amazing and makes sweet tea, and I really like his sweet tea so I really have to post about it.   Because it's good.  And no, I am not hyper from the sugar or the caffeine. It might sound like it, but I'm not. 

(Who says sweet tea has to be served in tall, icy glasses?  Yellow, icy teacups work just as well.)

My brother is so cool!!!!!

(Not just because he makes killer sweet tea, but that's the reason I'm saying it now.)